Back in the Office Again

A long offseason officially concluded for me on Monday when I returned to the main office at Alliant Energy Field to “get to work”.

Here’s a peek into life at the ballpark:

06-15-2008 001.jpg

The LumberKings Media Relations Department (aka my desk).  You’ll notice in Clinton we utilize the “open office” atmosphere.  Makes it a lot easier to communicate, but even easier to launch rubber bands, softee balls and other projectiles at one another.  On my desk, you’ll notice a picture of me as the Italian Sausage along with my mom, a Grady Sizemore bobblehead, a Jack McKeon “Jack in the Box” and a Prince Fielder bobblehead.  GM Ted Tornow lurks in the background.

06-15-2008 002.jpgDirector of Operations Justin Sampson is pictured here, printing out tickets by the thousands.  As you can see by the binder of orders, he’s only just begun.

06-15-2008 003.jpg

Assistant GM Nate Kreinbrink has a desk full of season preparations.  And, a box of candy bars for sale.  I’ve already purchased two.


06-15-2008 004.jpgThe field remains snow-covered after last weekend’s latest barrage.  Our new groundskeeper Dan Thomas can only wait for the thaw.

As for me, I’m busy updating the stats, records and various content for our 2009 Gameday Program.  There’s also work to be done with live radio reads, advertisements, media credentials, game notes formats, etc.  Oh yeah, and that All-Star Game we’re having.

Back to work.


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