On the Road: Dayton

Fifth Third Field, Dayton, Ohio…say what you will about the newer parks of the Midwest League, but this place has big league atmosphere at every turn.

My view:


A view of me looking at my view (courtesy of Jim Misudek of the Cincinnati Reds.  His interview is posted below):


Another come-from-behind win for the guys in black and green last night (and not the Dragons, of course, who also wear black and green). Read about it in today’s FULL edition of the LumberKings Game Notes:
5.6.09 kingsnotes.pdf

Here’s some audio, as promised:

Scott Savastano’s Game-Winning Triple in the 9th: 
Savastano GW Triple 5.5 at Dayton.mp3

Interview with Jim Misudek of the Reds: 
Jim Misudek Interview 5.5.09.mp3



It looks like a beautiful park!


Hi Dave,

Now that you’ve had about a month to see first hand the level of talent that the Mariners have supplied you, what is your impression? Is the level of talent on par with the team that played in Clinton last year?


It’s pretty tough to compare different systems and philosphies, certain players to other players, but I will say this…Seattle has provided us with a strong, veteran club that works well as a unit. As manager Scott Steinmann said on a recent interview, it’s not just one guy making the difference on the mound or in the lineup. It’s a collection of 25 guys finding a way to win.

This team has the built-in mentality of taking things on a series-by-series basis. Win the series is goal #1. So far, they’ve been able to do that pretty regularly.

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