Todays Interview: Cheyne Hann

Look ma, we’re on TV tonight!  Time Warner Sports is in town, with broadcasters Bob Brainerd (left) and longtime Milwaukee Brewer Jerry Augustine (right).  Bob and I go back to my days as the research intern for Brewers Baseball on FSN North (now FSWisconsin).


On to my pregame interview.  The LumberKings pitching staff has struggled in this series with 37 runs allowed over the four losses, but right-hander Cheyne Hann still managed to lower his ERA to 0.48 with his 11th consecutive scoreless outing yesterday.

Why?  Maybe it’s the power of the mustache.  He’ll explain more in the interview.

Listen Here: 
Cheyne Hann Interview 5.19.09.mp3

Also, since I haven’t been getting you much in the way of notes during this series, here’s a full set: 
5.19.09 kingsnotes.pdf

Let’s get out of here with a win tonight.



I like it – the power of the mustache! lol!


I like what I’m seeing so far from Hann, he seems like a real gamer!

Any chance of getting a picture posted of the boys with the ‘staches?


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