The LumberBlog: 46th-Best

The “Latest Leaders” for June, 2009 are out over at Mlblogosphere, and the LumberBlog has jumped up two spots from #48 to #46.  At this rate, I’ll crack the Top 40 by September, just in time to have nothing to write about.

I kid.  Thanks to all who read this thing, I’m still surprised that we get as many views as we do.  The Clinton LumberKings are one of the smallest baseball markets amongst full-season affiliates, and for there to be such an interest in what’s going on here really speaks to the intensity of the Seattle Mariners’ fan-base.  “LumberKings Nation” apparently is nothing to slouch at, either.

Full rankings can be found here:

Keep reading, and remember your comments are always welcome.  I hope to post another interview prior to our 7:05 start time tonight!



Hey Dave,

I’ve talked to several members of the Seattle sports media and Geoff Baker hit the nail on the head with regards to Mariner fans. Since he came to the town by way of Toronto he brought with him a nice fresh outsiders perspective. When I asked him if the Mariner fans were unique in any way his response was that we are more internet savy. Knowing this, it doesn’t surprise me at all that your blog would be getting the attention that it has. We love our baseball and a lot of us love to delve deep into the minor leagues. As I’ve said before, your blog is very unique in the level of information that you put out and there are many of us who gobble stuff like this up.

Anyway, I’m willing to bet that your blog continues to grow and you’ll crack the top 40 in no time.


Hey it is a good blog nothing more needs to be said, except congrats Dave for your effort it is paying off.

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