Lorin and Pribanic, in Retrospect

lorin.pribanic.2009.jpgA lot of folks think that us broadcast/media types hear about roster moves before they happen, injuries before they’re announced and trades before they’re finalized.  While sometimes that is the case, it certainly wasn’t today when Brett Lorin and Aaron Pribanic were packaged as part of the deal that brought Jack Wilson and Ian Snell to Seattle via Pittsburgh.

I was actually in the midst of today’s broadcast in Lansing when the email hit my inbox.  Suddenly, I realized why Lorin was scratched from his start today.

Two hours later, I was saying goodbye to two-fifths of the LumberKings starting rotation while they took their bags off the bus and waited for a cab.  They both seemed shocked, yet excited to be included in a big-league trade.  They’re certainly going to a Pittsburgh system that’s starved for young, talented arms.  In the Seattle system, they were both just part of a wealth of pitching prospects.

Will the LumberKings miss Lorin and Pribanic?  No doubt.  It’s hard to replace a tandem that’s ranked fourth and 10th in the league in ERA (Lorin at 2.44, Pribanic at 3.22).  Will the Kings move on and continue to battle for a playoff spot?  Absolutely.

I have no official word yet to pass to you on who will be replacing Lorin and Pribanic, but that news should be coming tomorrow.  As soon as it’s ready for release, you can expect to see it here on the LumberBlog.

I thought a fitting goodbye for both would be to re-list their interviews from this season.  There’s one with Lorin in there from early April from before I was posting interviews daily, so it’s new to the net.

Good luck, gentlemen.


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Aaron and Brett did not look to bad here in the second half developing nicely. Wish them all the luck in their minor league career and may they have a shot at the show in the near future. But i tell you a big congrats to the pitching staff especially Derrick and Matt and the rest of the staff for filling in nicely on short notice and getting the job done. Ole Lance Painter has done i would say a pretty nice job this year with the pitching staff.

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