In Regards to the Internet Broadcasts

I know a lot of you have been unable to connect to our internet stream to listen to the games online.  I have done my best to forward your concerns on to our management at the radio station.

Here’s the problem:  KCLN’s internet service provider unexpectedly and without warning went out of business.  The station is in the process of getting a new internet service provider, a new website and a new audio stream for the games, but that could take some time.  I do not have an ETA on exactly when the stream will be back up and running, but it should be before the close of the 2009 season.

What many of you have done is gone to the other team’s online stream to get the game coverage.  I do appreciate many of the emails that I’ve gotten from folks saying that they miss my broadcasts, there’s not a whole lot I can do.  I am just the broadcaster.  I do not have any involvement with the technical side of our broadcasts.

Again, my apologies for those inconvenienced, but, I’m just the messenger.


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