Next on the LumberBlog? You Decide

It’s been my quest throughout the first 123 games of this season to try and interview a diverse range of folks and cover a wide variety of topics surrounding the LumberKings, the Seattle Mariners, the Midwest League and professional baseball in general.  I’ve done 103 separate interviews, with an additional interview done of me (thanks, Scott Savastano).  Players, coaches, office staff, opposing coaches, other broadcasters, Mariners’ brass, former Big Leaguers, a Hall-of-Famer and more have been heard on my pregame show and this blog.

As it stands today, there’s only four active LumberKings on the roster that I have not interviewed:  Daniel Cooper, Brian Moran, Tommy Johnson and Dwight Britton.  With 16 games remaining, I hope to get all four.  However, aside from those remaining four, I’d like a little fan input.

Who would you like to hear from one last time in 2009?  What questions do you want answered?  Comment below with your suggestion and your questions (no emails please), and hopefully I can make that happen before season’s end.  If your question is picked, of course you’ll get some credit here on the LumberBlog.  On that note, make sure to include your first name and location on your comment.

Tonight’s game notes for the 6:30 PM game at Peoria can be found here: 
8.22.09 kingsnotes.pdf

Let’s end that three-game losing streak tonight.




I would love to see more interviews with the Mariners minor league development people. It would also be interesting to hear from a scout on the art of scouting (what a scout looks for).

You have been a gold mine for those of us who are interested in the Mariner minor league!


That would be a good one to do, however I’m limited by who shows up to the ballpark, be it at home or on the road. I’ll keep those two in mind.

Thanks for the suggestion!


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