Another Sunday on the Road

Sunday getaway days are greatly appreciated by coaches, players and broadcasters alike. While there’s less time to prepare and no time to hit batting practice, it’s always a more relaxed atmosphere.  Plus, when you’re on the road like we are, you get home a heck of a lot earlier than a night game getaway (usually).

A lot of folks think “hey, you travel with the team, that’s got to be the most exciting thing in the world!”.  It is, to a point.  There’s nothing I’d rather do than this, especially when I see people in suits on hour-long lunch breaks.  However, a 140-game season is not without its mundane aspects.  There’s zero free time for our 70 home games, plenty of free time with no transportation and nothing really to do during our 70 road games.

With that, here’s a look at the preparation for a Sunday road game, i.e. my last 13 hours here in Peoria:

Saturday night, 9:15 PM:  Post-game show ends following last night’s 8-0 loss.

9:20 – 9:40 PM:  I write the post-game recap and make sure it gets on

9:40-ish:  Players mill around outside the bus and talk on their phones.

10:00 PM:  The team bus leaves for the Super 8 in Peoria.

10:15 PM:  I sit around in my hotel room thinking about either eating or working on the next day’s game notes.  Instead, I end up sitting around for 45 minutes doing neither.

11:00 PM:  I spend my third-straight meal at the Perkins across from the hotel.

12:00 AM:  Back to the room, I’ve got no motivation to work on the notes.  This is about the only time I actually get to watch TV, so I do that for a while.

2:00 AM:  I finally get sick of watching Lock Up Raw on MSNBC and go to bed.

9:00 AM:  I wake up and feel the remorse for not working on my game notes the previous night and get to it.

10:00 AM:  Getting ready, packing up my suitcase for the trip home.  In between this, I work more on the game notes.

11:00 AM:  Time to board the bus to the ballpark.  I’m not finished with the notes yet.

11:20 AM:  We arrive at O’Brien Field in Peoria.  The guy looking for autographs doesn’t ask me if I’m a player today.

11:40 AM:  I finish my notes, rather late I might add.  Normally they are done the night before, or the morning before a game.  Read ’em: 
8.23.09 kingsnotes.pdf

12:00 PM:  I start filling out my scorecard and mull over doing this blog post.

12:15 PM-now:  I’m writing what you’re reading now.


It’s not always the most exciting job in the world, but when this is your view, it’s hard to complain too much.  In the near future, I’ll give you an idea of what a home game is like for me.  I might even include video.  Stay tuned for that.


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