MWL Post-Season All-Stars Announced

The 2009 Post-Season All-Stars were announced by the Midwest League office earlier this afternoon.  The choices are determined by the 14 managers in the league, there are no  media or front office votes.  Spoiler Alert:  There are no LumberKings on the list.

First Base:  Rebel Ridling (PEO)

Second Base:  Alexi Amarista (CR)

Third Base:  Josh Vitters (PEO)

Shortstop:  Dee Gordon (GLL)

Outfielders:  Kyle Russell (GLL), Kyler Burke (PEO) and Josh Harrison (PEO)

DH:  Billy Nowlin (WM)

RH Starter:  Kenny Smalley (KCC)

LH Starter:  Casey Crosby (KCC)

RH Reliever:  Brad Brach (FTW)

LH Reliever:  Andrew Taylor (CR)

MVP:  Dee Gordon and Kyle Russell, Great Lakes Loons

Prospect of the Year:  Dee Gordon, Great Lakes Loons

Manager of the Year:  Doug Dascenzo, Fort Wayne and Marty Pevey, Peoria

And now, for my commentary.  There’s no real surprises or huge snubs on this list that I can see, but I was hoping to see Kenn Kasparek on this list.  Smalley is an exceptional pitcher, but Kasparek will finish with better numbers in ERA and strikeouts, most likely.  Had this evaluation been done based on numbers from May onward, Kasparek wins, hands down.

ecciZJtd.jpgAlso, another thought comes to mind.  I’m a big fan of rewarding both Gordon and Russell with the MVP award for the Loons…the man who set the table and stole 69 bases, plus the guy who drove him in with a league-high 25 home runs.  I won’t dispute those two.  However, it makes me wonder how many votes former Kings’ first-baseman Mitch Moreland (pictured left) would have needed to tie Beloit’s Ben Revere for a split of the 2008 MVP award.  That one still stings a bit.

Revere in ’08:  .379 (129-for-340), 17 doubles, 10 triples, 51 runs, 43 RBI, 44 steals. 

Moreland in ’08:  .324 (151-for-466), 37 doubles, 18 HR, 64 runs, 99 RBI.

They finished 1-2 in the league in average, but Moreland recorded his numbers in 40 more games than Revere.  I will continue to campaign for the asterisk on that MVP award, even to likely no avail.

Oh yeah, tonight’s game notes: 
8.25.09 kingsnotes.pdf



I have to wonder if Pribanic and Lorin hadn’t been traded away if they would have been named.


My personal opinion is that Kenn Kasparek has been fairly dominate especially in the second half. Not surprised that a lumberking didn’t make the list. Really never saw that in this team. Although for what the team had the coaching staff i felt done an above average job this year especially Lance Painter with the pitching staff. Some of the players i saw with some potential to move up is Kenn Kasparek, Andrew Carraway and Kyle Seager,and Blake Ochoa. What happened to Wellington Dotel? I like the hustle that kid came with everyday did he move up or down? Just wondering.

Agreed, Lonnie. The only thing that might have affected their chances was the possibility of splitting votes. I do believe that might be what happened with Mr. Moreland last year…Ian Gac got some MVP votes, as did Engel Beltre and that ended up hurting Moreland in the long-run.

As for the other response, Welington Dotel was sent back to Pulaski when Denny Almonte came off the disabled list.


Shame about Welington . Like the kid he came to play everyday . Gave me 110% and he looked like he loved to play baseball . Wish Almonte did. Maybe then he could have moved up. Just my personal opinion again . But i feel maybe they should have rewarded Dotel and kept him up and either demoted or just let Almonte go . I think the Mariner organization needs to send a message to some of these players that if you act like you don’t want to be here. Then fine here’s your bus ticket out of here.
And also in closing. Dave love your sight and i give it a solid A for a grade. Great job and hope you keep it up next year also.
Plus looking forward to next year and seeing what the Mariners have in store for us in Clinton.
The home of Jason Bay,Grady Sizemore,John Danks,Ian Kinsler,Lil John Mayberry jr. ,Derek Holland , Neftali Feliz,and Mike Scioscia.

I wouldn’t confuse on-field struggles with a lack of desire to be here. Every guy on this roster has the desire to succeed, I can assure you of this.


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