LumberBlog: 40th Place in August

The “Latest Leaders” list for August is out now thanks to the folks over at MLBlogosphere (, and surprise, surprise, the LumberBlog has jumped several spots to take over 40th place on the ProBlogs list.

I know what you’re thinking, 40th doesn’t sound that good.  There’s 39 other blogs being read by more people.  Consider this…the LumberBlog is just three spots behind the blog that updates Minnesota Twins fans on the progress of their highly-anticipated new ballpark and just two spots behind the famous Philadelphia Phillies Ballgirls.  It’s also three spots ahead of one of my big-league mentors in Brian Anderson of the Milwaukee Brewers. That’s good company.

You can view the complete list here:

Where exactly this blog goes from here in the coming months is uncertain.  One of the things I’ve tried hardest to do with this blog is let the players, coaches, staff, etc. speak for themselves.  My opinions have taken a backseat to their words.  Now that the season is over and they’ve all left town (literally, there was no-one but manager Scott Steinmann in the home clubhouse an hour after today’s game), I can only speak for myself.

My tentative plan is to update once a week with something.  I do have a few things left up my sleeve.  Keep reading and let’s crack the top 40 in September!


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Your position on the totem pole is well deserved, Dave. In the entire Mariner’s minor league system there is no other blog that comes close to what you offer day and day out. I for one know about the level of work that you put in to make this blog such a great place. Your approach and style has been spot on, you do not come across as “pro” nor “con” with regards to the LumberKings. I like that.

Through your work I feel that I know the LumberKings so much better than had I just looked at the boxscores as I have to do with other M’s affiliates. I look forward to your posts during the off-season and to a great 2010 season!


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