One Year of the LumberBlog

lumberblog anniversary.jpg

That’s right, today marks the one-year anniversary of the LumberBlog.  What started as an idea to increase web content about the Clinton LumberKings has now grown into…well…the 54th-most-viewed blog on the MLBlogs’ “Pro Blogs” list.

Ranking 54th doesn’t seem like much, but in actuality it’s a huge honor for me.  I never thought that simply bringing player interviews, highlights, game notes and stories to a blog setting would attract so many viewers.  It’s great to know that a low-A franchise in a small town can garner so much interest.  It’s true testament to LumberKings fans and certainly Seattle Mariners fans across the country.  Hopefully it continues into 2010 and beyond.

Here’s a look at the LumberBlog’s rankings in 2009: 

March:  No Ranking

April:  No Ranking

May:  48th

June:  46th

July:  N/A (only ranked top 40 this month)

August:  40th

2009 Regular Season:  49th

2009 Full Year:  54th

Not too shabby for year one.  Below are some of my favorite postings that I’ve done this year:

Again, thanks for reading all year, and I hope to bring you some more great stuff this upcoming season!


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