The Home Stretch

Yes, it’s been quiet around here at the LumberBlog.   No posts on Tim Smith (’08) suiting up for the Kansas City Royals, no mention of Derek Holland (’08) and Neftali Feliz (’08) vying for bullpen spots with the Texas Rangers, no post on guys like Jose Marte (’06-’07) in big-league camp with Arizona, Brandon Watson (’01) reappearing with the LA Dodgers and Tug Hulett (’05) landing in Boston.

Nope, none of that.  Why?  Because this is my desk right now:


A lot of folks probably don’t realize this, but in addition to my broadcast and media duties, I also handle a lot of other things for the LumberKings.  Most of what you’ve seen online or in print over the last five years has probably crossed my desk, or at least my email inbox.

What you see there is a pile of 2010 print.  Program, poster, pocket schedules, you name it.  All of it will soon be finished, after weeks of calls, emails, proofs, late nights at the office, etc.

After that, I then get to start on preparing for the broadcasts.  So the next time you pick up a pocket schedule at your local convenience store, think of all the time and effort put in to making it.  We do it for you.

Also, special thanks to J. Robert Lueders for continuing to find the former Kings in big-league camps that I miss.  He might have to start his own blog called “Splinters from the LumberBlog”.  What do you think?


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