Thanks Again, Dennis

I was greatly saddened today to learn that a longtime friend had passed away over the weekend.  Dennis was an usher for the Milwaukee Brewers at both Milwaukee County Stadium and Miller Park, and a man who was instrumental in getting me into the baseball industry.

Dennis presided over the General Admission and Box seats in the left-field corner of County Stadium when I was a kid.  My dad and I, far before we started our careers in baseball, sat in that section over 30 times a year.  We got to know Dennis very well over those many Milwaukee summers.

He was the type of usher that wouldn’t just show you your seat.  He was a generous man, always finding old game notes, programs, giveaway items, etc. and giving those to whoever he thought might enjoy them.  He delighted in making fans of all ages feel like true guests at the ballpark.

He was also generous enough to let my dad know when a Head Chef position was coming open with the Brewers.  With the help of that early tipoff, my dad got the job.  With my dad’s help, I got my first job with the Brewers’ Grounds Crew.  The rest took off from there.

While I haven’t been around as many Brewers games the past few seasons, I still looked forward to seeing Dennis in the service level every time I came back.  It would usually be in September following the Minor League season, but he’d always be one of the first people I saw.  He’d remind me of how proud he was of my father and I and how far we’d come since sitting in his section.  He’d joke with me about all the crazy things I used to do as a kid, like chasing down foul balls six sections over.  Most of all, he’d remind me of how the kind and genuine folks behind the scenes make the game as great as the players on the field do.

Baseball will go on without Dennis, but the ballpark won’t be the same.  To for the man who seemed like just an usher but was so much more to me and my family, thank you.


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I’m sorry for your loss, Dave. You are right, it’s the everyday people you meet at the park that effect us more than anything.


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