More Views from Bowling Green

100_1797.JPGThe view from the left-field pavilion, which is actually near where the bus parks.  This is where I enter the park from.


The home bullpen.  Both pens are very Major League looking and not on the warning track in foul territory like most places.


There’s an outside view of the pressbox, located on the third-base line.  It’s definitely an interesting vantage point in which I’m still getting used to after one game.


From behind the cage just prior to batting practice yesterday.  Welington Dotel remarked at how good a doubles and triples park this place is.  The Kings had two doubles last night.


A high-up view of the park from the Stadium Club, located where a pressbox normally would be.  This shot was taken just a half-hour ago.  We’re getting some serious rain right now.


Interior of the Stadium Club.  It’s definitely one of the marquee features of the park.


A team-signed Hot Rods jersey from last year’s inaugural squad.  The only former Southwest Michigan Devil Ray still with the ‘Rods is pitching coach R.C. Lichtenstein.


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