Game One Lineups

I don’t often do this on the LumberBlog, but I figure playoff time is special.  Here’s the lineups for game one.


  1. James Jones (RF)
  2. Matt Cerione (CF)
  3. Vinnie Catricala (LF)
  4. Mickey Wiswall (DH)
  5. Blake Ochoa (C)
  6. Tim Morris (1B)
  7. Mario Martinez (3B)
  8. Kevin Mailloux (2B)
  9. Gabriel Noriega (SS)

RHP Tom Wilhelmsen


  1.   Jean Segura (2B)
  2. Matt Long (CF)
  3. Michael Wing (3B)
  4. Casey Haerther (1B)
  5. Jeremy Cruz (RF)
  6. Jose Jimenez (C)
  7. Jon Karcich (SS)
  8. Justin Bass (LF)
  9. Mitch Blackburn (DH)

RHP Ariel Pena


1 Comment

I see that they didn’t waste any time in getting Mailloux into the lineup! He’s a good replacement for Franklin (the best hitter on the Everett squad).

I’ve been tracking Mailloux ever since the M’s drafted him and I like what I see. In 2009 he lifted the Peoria M’s up on his shoulders and carried them to the league championship. The kid can hit!

Damn tough way to lose last night! Here’s to turning the tables tonight to even up the series!


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