WDCS Game One Lineups

The lineups for Game One of the 2010 Midwest League West Division Championship Series are now posted:


  1. James Jones (RF)
  2. Kevin Mailloux (2B)
  3. Vinnie Catricala (LF)
  4. Mickey Wiswall (DH)
  5. Blake Ochoa (C)
  6. Tim Morris (1B)
  7. Mario Martinez (3B)
  8. Matt Cerione (CF)
  9. Gabriel Noriega (SS)

RHP Taylor Stanton

Kane County:

  1. Conner Crumbliss (2B)
  2. Myrio Richard (DH)
  3. Anthony Aliotti (1B)
  4. Leonardo Gil (3B)
  5. Michael Choice (RF)
  6. Rashun Dixon (LF)
  7. Jason Christian (SS)
  8. Tyreace House (CF)
  9. Juan Nunez (C)

RHP Dan Straily


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