Former Kings in the MLB Playoffs

A post now about four days overdue, but here’s a look at former Clinton players participating in the MLB playoffs, broken down by team:

Texas Rangers (5 Players, 1 Coach):  RHP Neftali Feliz (’08), LHP Derek Holland (’08), 2B Ian Kinsler (’04), 1B Mitch Moreland (’08), OF Craig Gentry (’07).  In addition, bullpen coach Andy Hawkins was Clinton’s pitching coach in 2003.

Detroit Tigers (0 Players, 1 Coach):  No players, but manager Jim Leyland began his coaching career as the skipper of the Clinton Pilots back in the early 70’s.

Philadelphia Phillies (2 Players):  INF Wilson Valdez (’01) and OF John Mayberry Jr. (’06).

Milwaukee Brewers (1 Player, 1 Coach):  RHP Kameron Loe (’03).  Manager Ron Roenicke played outfield on the talented 1977 Clinton Dodgers club.

Arizona Diamondbacks (0 Players, 1 Coach):  No players, but third-base coach Matt Williams was a Clinton Giant in 1986. 

The New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Rays and St. Louis Cardinals all are without former Clinton players or coaches.



What about Mike Socia the manager of the angels? Is he still in the big leagues? He was the Clinton dodgers in the seventies with Steve Sax.

Scioscia, who actually was a teammate of Roenicke in ’77, is still managing the Angels. However, the Angels aren’t in the playoffs, thus, I didn’t include him in the post.

My bad. I didnt read it close enough.

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